A Very Disney Christmas!

Last week I got to spend a whole 4 days at Walt Disney World at Christmastime! It was a trip for business but mostly pleasure.  It was the most fun trip I’ve had in a long time!

So the business part of the trip wasn’t really business.  It was a bunch of meet and greets with people who work for Disney in areas that I want to work in.  I got to meet with a guy named Dustin, in Disney College Program Recruiting and he told me the ins and outs.  Its basically sitting in front of a computer all day hiring new CPs to do the College Program.  Yeah not something I really want to do, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I got that professional internship.

The second person I met with was Kevin.  He is also in College Recruiting but he also worked for the YES Program, which is where I really want to be.  The YES Program is a series of field trips that elementary, middle, and high schools can take.  There are different classes the students can take, anything from Science, Photography, Math and HISTORY! Can you see why it would be perfect for me yet? Kevin gave me some great tips for my audition tape (yeah an audition!).  I have to video myself teaching something.  It can be anything I want, I just have to show that I can teach.  After we met Kevin even e-mailed one of the managers of the program, asking if I could shadow a YES presentation in the near future.  That means another trip to DISNEY! YAY! It was such a good meeting.

And last but certainly not least, I met with Caleb, he is a Guest Service Manager at EPCOT and he talked to me about the Guest Relations PI.  He gave me some great tips for my interview and took a copy of my resume to look over.  He was super helpful and even said to e-mail him when I submit my application so he can be on the lookout for it!

Needless to say the meet and greets went really well and I am so excited to start applying for PIs in February.  The rest of the trip was spent having a great Christmas filled vacation at my future home! Which I will now share with you in picture form…..ENJOY!

We started with the Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Light!
It was truly an amazing site. 
Suzanne, Casey, and I spent a lovely day together! 
So glad I got to see this with them!
My old roomie Cara met us there! It was so good seeing her!
Then we went and met Katie and her boyfriend at the ESPN restaurant at the Boardwalk!
I really wish Abby, Kelly and Whitney could have been there with us! 
The next day Suzanne and I had a FABULOUS lunch at Le Chefs de France,
in (you guessed it) France!
Best part of the trip was definitely meeting Santa and Mrs. Clause! 
(Suzanne added a little something special to this picture!)

I just love this girl! 

Our next stop was Magic Kingdom. It was a whole new experience seeing it at Christmas with all the
beautiful decorations.  If anyone knows how to do Christmas right, its Disney!
The Dapper Dans sang us some wonderful Christmas carols on Main Street!

And of course we had to meet some characters.  We met some lovely princesses, Peter Pan, and 
of course Mickey and Minnie!

We really wanted to meet Rapunzel and Flynn but unfortunately their line was crazy, so we settled on taking a picture with his doll!

Suzanne took a picture with Maximus.

Second best part of the trip was the Castle lighting show! Cinderella’s Castle is the most amazing sight EVER at Christmas!

We took many many pictures in front of that gorgeous thing.
I will most definitely be going back to Disney at Christmas again!
Who knows I might even be living there next Christmas! : )

Well that was my trip! It was awesome and as I’ve already said you all need to see Disney at Christmas for yourself one day!

I love Disney at Christmastime,

One thought on “A Very Disney Christmas!

  1. My heart is so happy reading this post Kathleen! It looks like you had such an amazing trip and I am soo happy that you got to do all of those meet and greets and spend time with Suzanne at our happy place 🙂 I miss you so much, I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas!


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