Surprises are the BEST!

So I am on day three of student teaching and it is going really well so far.  Haven’t done much
yet because it has been a pretty easy week for the following reasons:
1. My co-op teacher gave a test Tuesday.
2. We had a guest speaker yesterday.
3. We are watching Cinderella Man today and tomorrow and possibly Monday. 
(Why is a history class watching Cinderella Man you ask? Well its set in the Great Depression and actually depicts what happened during it really well)
BUT this post is not about student teaching, I just felt yall should get a small update on how it’s going.
This post is about how my day went from good to AMAZING!  
I had the best surprise EVER waiting for me today when I got home from a very long day of watching the same movie 6 times in a row.  It’s wasn’t a bad day by any means, just long and repetitive.
So I walk into the Little Yellow House and Ashtyn is on the couch.  She has a box next to her and I ask who its for.  She says, YOU! 
My first thought is HUH? But I didn’t order anything and my mom isn’t sending me anything.
She looks at the where is came from and it says North Carolina.  My very first thought is of course ABBY CRAIN!
What could she possibly be sending me I think.  So I open up the box and first there is this note:

I smiled the whole time I was reading it.  
Side note:
Abby is one of my very best friends.  I met her on my first College Program and we have been the best of friends ever since.  We did a second program together, she has been to El Paso twice and I’ve been to North Carolina to see her too.  She is one of the most generous, kind hearted people I know. And I am so glad she is in my life.
Ok so then I looked under the note and what do I see? A DISNEY BAG! 
I opened the Disney bag and this is what’s inside:
For those of you who don’t know.  Princess Aurora is my all time FAVORITE Disney Princess.  
Needless to say I jumped up and down and my eyes got teary. 
I can’t stop looking at it! 🙂  
My new purse rocks,

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