Mixed Emotions

Today has been a good day.  So far I’ve had two really good classes.  The kids are interacting with me, we have been able to stop and laugh a few times and they are actually LEARNING!!  
On a slightly more depressing note: I still haven’t heard from Disney.  I am not gonna panic yet, but only because the application deadline is March 11th and I am holding onto the hope that they are just not doing any type of second interview until AFTER the deadline.  Still though…..
I did get a really good fortune the other day though! 
This has to be a good sign right?????
Let’s hope so! 
(Totally random side not: I LOVE MY MAC)
So my over all day has been good. But Disney is still always lingering at the back of my mind.  Will they want me or wont they.  
That is the question.
I’m having mixed emotions,

2 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. girl, fortunes are so wise. even if Disney doesn't work out (BUT IT PROBABLY WILL YO), I know you will still have soo much to be thankful for. you are going places missie! i can tell!! 🙂


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