Last one

Yesterday was my very last Disney College Program live presentation.
I’ve been a Campus Representative since I finished my first College Program in 2008.
I basically recruit college students to do the same program I did.  
I’ve made being a Campus Rep a huge part of my life and it is sad to think that it is over.  But I know I am on to bigger and better things!! 
(I asked my recruiter about not hearing anything about the PI and she said “No news, is good news!”  YAY! 🙂
My amazing rep team presented me with a little goodbye present.  Here it is:

They gave me my very own Princess Aurora doll, a Princess Aurora cup, and a Disney Princess bag! 
(If you haven’t guessed Princess Aurora is my favorite!)
Not gonna lie, I got teary eyed! 
PS. I want to send a big congratulations to one of my bestest friends in the entire world, Abby Crain.  She just got a CP job in Guest Relations at Disneyland!! I am so proud of her! 🙂
I heart Sleeping Beauty,

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