totally random and probably unnecessary post……. :)

Hello! Sorry for being a no good very bad blogger!
Just haven’t had anything super exciting happen lately. But I figured I would write a little 
somethin somethin….
So here are the super random thoughts that have been floating around in my head lately:
1. STILL no word from Disney.  I know they say patience is a virtue and usually I am a very patient person. But I’m not gonna lie, the waiting is KILLING ME! Seriously everything my phone beeps (letting me know I have an e-mail), or rings, or double beeps (letting me know I have missed call). My heart just about stops
Yeah NOT a fun feeling.  Only comforting thing is the fact that I haven’t gotten a rejection e-mail yet
(knock on wood)
Prayers are def needed people! 🙂
2. I just ordered my graduation invitations. BAH! That makes graduating from college so much more real! All I need now is to buy my cap and gown and follow that up with some good ole cap decorating! 
3. I just started watching a new show called Camelot and I LOVE IT! So glad I have a free trial of netflix because I actually get to watch it! Gotta love medieval history! 
4. Looking at how expensive it is going to be to actually move to Florida makes me kinda nervous. 
But it will so be worth it! 🙂
5. I have one month of student teaching left.
6. I went to a teacher job fair today and it was a total and complete waste of time. 
7. I am in need of a Disney fix BAD.  A Disney movie is going to have to be watched tomorrow for sure! ( I thinking Tangled again, yes I said again)
8. I am ready to be tan again.
9. I just found out that Harry Potter and the Dealthly Hallows Part 1 comes out on DVD April 15th!
That just made my night! 🙂 
Yep, nerd alert! 
10. I know I sent yall to a link for my graduation pictures, but those were only a handful of them.  There are a few others I’d like to share because I just LOVE them.  I think they came out soooo good! 🙂

Once again thank you SO MUCH Monica! You rock!
Graduation count down starts NOW: 37 days!! 🙂 

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