EPCOT Guest Relations…here I come! :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, April 27, 2011 is a date that will go down in history as one of the most
important in my life!

Why you ask?!

Because today at exactly 1:01 pm I got the MAGICAL call from Disney Casting!

I was offered a Professional Internship in GUEST RELATIONS



I am beyond excited!

Here is where I will be from June 23 to January 7th:

Epcot during Flower and Garden! šŸ™‚

This will my place of work! šŸ™‚

See that nifty pin? Yep I get to wear that! šŸ™‚

YAY!! I am so excited! I cannot wait to start this next chapter in my life! šŸ™‚

Now, if you will excuse me I’m gonna go learn everything I can about my park! šŸ™‚


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