Disney News

As of May 23, I have exactly one month until I start with Guest Relations at Epcot!
I also go my check-in e-mail! I have to be at casting at 10:15 am on June 23. 
I’ll get my background check done and most importantly I’ll be getting my training schedule!
I can’t believe it is already almost time to move down to Florida.  I am so excited!
My mom and I have mapped out our trip.
We’re starting our drive on June 11th and driving to Houston and spending the night.
Then it’s on to New Orleans on June 12th, where we will spend the afternoon and night.
(My mom is super excited about this, she LOVES New Orleans)
And we’ll roll into Orlando on June 13th.
Mom is gonna stay until the 19th.  She’ll help me move in, get furniture and of course well be at Disney for two days and the beach for one!
Yep it’s gonna be EPIC! 🙂
SO excited!
16 days!

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