Craftiness at its Best

Last Sunday both Suzanne and I had off from work.  So we decided it would be the perfect day to have a craft day.  We wanted to do something for our bare walls.  Suz had the idea to paint some canvases and write favorite quotes on them.  Well then we were brainstorming and we thought it would be a good idea to put lines from Disney songs on them!  
Once we had that brilliant idea we needed to get supplies! 
So we headed to Michaels! Now I feel like I should mention that I have never been to a Michaels.  I’m sure we have them in Texas but I’ve never actually seen/been to one.  Not only that but sadly the closest Hobby Lobby (which I love and adore) is 30 minutes away! Yeah, I know, its terrible.
At Michaels we purchased:
 5 canvases for $20
 1 big canvas (for half off! WIN) 
Paint in a pink, orange, coral and light brown (those colors match our couch)
Paint brushes
We then spent the next  8 HOURS, yes I said 8 HOURS, first painting the canvases a light brown color, then we used stencil letters to stencil our lyrics on in the different colors.  
Which Disney movies did we?  
-Robin Hood
-The Jungle Book
-Peter Pan
-Mary Poppins
-Meet the Robinsons
-The Fox and the Hound
-The Lion King
-The Hunchback of Notre Dame
and last but most certainly not least………….
-TANGLED (this one hasn’t actually been made yet, because we’re using the big canvas and 
unfortunately neither Suz nor I are very artistically inclined. So this one had been temporarily put on hold.) 
Funny side note: We had attempted to start the big canvas but then we realized that the D on the stencil we were using was backwards. We both almost started crying because we had been working on these things ALL DAY and the others were so easy and this one was huge! In hindsight though it was pretty funny. Though I’m pretty sure Suzanne will disagree.
Now before I share what we did in pictures, I have to mention that they are not finished.  We still have to dress them up some to make them really pop and be super cute/fun!  

Our canvases painted a lovely light brown color. 
(Which looks like cardboard on our super white walls. FAIL)

Paint, stencils, scissors, and paint brushes that were used.

We love crafts!

Yep that is wine on the table. By hour 4 we needed a drink!

Finished products!

This is where we realized the light brown might not have been a good idea.  Neither was using hot pink and orange paint.  You can barely read it. BLAH!  Oh well live and learn.

This is our favorite.  Oh and those super pretty key holders were made for us. 
Thank you
Again, they are not yet finished.  As I mentioned on those white walls the light brown looks a little like cardboard AND you can barely see the pink and orange lettering.  But we will be spicing them up a bit in the coming weeks.  
We had a blast talking, sipping pink wine, giggling, and going slightly delirious from looking at the same colors for 8 hours straight.  

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