Epic Fail in the Craftiness Department

So remember a few days ago when I posted about my wonderful day of crafting?
Well we attempted to have another day of amazing craftyiness today.
And let me just say it was a fail of EPIC proportions.
I said last post that our lovely canvases with the Disney lyrics were not finished just yet.  They needed a 
little something else to make them really pop.
Well, Suanne and I decided that something extra would be to outline the letters with brown paint
(special thanks to Megan from Mackey Madness for her thoughts, we took your idea and ran with it!)
then we thought we would Mod Podge the entire thing to give a little glossy look.
Off to Michaels we go.
We return with some brown Sharpie paint pens (they’re awesome btw)
and some Mod Podge.  Now while we were at Michaels and looking at the Mod Podge we thought it would add a little somethin somethin if we got gold shimmer Mod Podge.  
So to make a long story short, we get home, outline all 9 canvases and Suz starts to Mod Podge them.
I ask, “Why is it so gold?”
Suz says, “Oh it’ll dry clear no worries. It just needs to actually dry.”
(20 or so minutes later)
All 9 canvases are not a pretty shimmery color we thought they would be once they dried.  
All 9 canvases are now this really ugly shimmery GOLD color that is completely uneven and barely shows ANY of the lettering we spent all day stamping Disney lyrics on.
We now have a set of canvases that in no way, shape or form can be put on a wall in our living room.  
So yeah….that is where we are at in the craftiness department at this point.  Totally disappointed in our crafty skills.  We’ve both realized that art is HARD.
I would post pictures, but they would just hurt everyone’s eyes, they are so horrible.
Bright side to the story:
  I  think I’ve come up with a way to salvage the canvases.  
And I will only write about it if they are a success and come out AMAZING! 
I hope you’re crafty projects turn out better than ours did and if not please let me know so I’m not the only one who thinks being crafty is hard work! 🙂

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