It All Ends Tonight

Y’all all know about my obsession with Harry Potter via my last post.
So I’m sure it is no surprise that I will be attending one of the hundreds of midnight showings of
the last and final film tonight.
I’m heading to the theatre at 9:00pm (yes 3 hours before the movie starts) so we can get good seats for the show.
Earlier today, Ashley (my bff from my previous post) and I, each went to the Hot Topic in our respective  states (she in NM and I in FL) and picked out a shirt that we could wear to the show tonight. 
Unfortunately we couldn’t find the exact same on, but we both got Muggle shirts and will wear them tonight!
We may not be together in person but we will def be together in spirit.
Ashley took this picture at the Barnes and Noble in Las Cruces and I love it:
So true and something EVERYONE should remember!
It all ends tonight and it is going to be one of the saddest and most exciting nights EVER!
Pictures of tonights shenanigans will be posted soon! 🙂 
Oh and if you’re going to an HP midnight showing…….I hope you have a blast! 🙂

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