St. Augustine, Florida Part 1

Tuesday and Wednesday I found me, Suzanne, and our friend Amber taking a day trip to St.
Augustine, Florida.
St. Augustine is the oldest city in the US, founded in 1565 by the Spanish.  So the history nerd/teacher in me was super excited.
The city has the most adorable downtown area I think I’ve ever seen. There are nifty little shops and restaurants and of course historical sites.
We stayed in a hotel right in downtown. (thank you
According to the internet it was supposed to be one of their haunted hotels.  But when we asked the
front desk guy about it.  He just laughed and said, “Nope it’s not haunted.  But I can come knock on your door in the middle of the night and then run away.”
Yum, yeah no thanks. 

This was an old fashion tavern.  Exactly like what you would have seen when the town was first founded.  We had some yummy Sangria and played some old social drinking game (we just played for fun though).
This was the inside of the tavern. The bartender was dressed in old 16th century clothing and he had a piece of burlap covering the cash register.  Above the register was a sign that read:
“Tickets of credit excepted include”
Talk about authentic! 🙂
This was a vintage boutique with the neatest old Irish woman running it.
She told us stories about her 93 year old mother, showed us how to wear hats from different decades, and shared some other amazing stories about St. Augustine with us.  
The city also has an old Spanish Fort that still has portions of it standing today.  
We didn’t go inside the fort but we did browse around the outside.
Entrance to the fort.

See those super thin windows?  Well we were told that at one time a group of Native Americans, 
(what their tribe was called I have no idea. fail.) were being held prisoner in the fort.
They starved themselves for months until they were just thin enough to fit through these windows.

These holes?  They’re actually marks from a gun shot.  Several different areas around the fort were used as execution walls.  There were walls with hundreds of holes just like this.  

So after touring the cute little downtown area and before walking around the fort we realized we were starving.  We found a restaurant right next to our hotel and guess what kind of food they had?! 
I’ll give you a hint:

That’s right MEXICAN food!  I haven’t had good Mexican food since I left Texas, and let me tell you,
I sure have missed it! 
Well I think that is where I’m gonna leave you.  Looking at pictures of that food has made this girl hungry!
But stay tuned for Part 2 because I have to tell y’all all about our ghost tour and trust me you don’t want to miss that! 

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