St. Augustine, Florida Part 2

One of the things St. Augustine is most famous for is their ghost tours.
They’ve been featured in several ghost centered TV shows (sorry don’t watch them so I have no idea what they are called).  
They seriously have like 10 different places that you can take ghost tours and all over the place they have places where you can buy tickets to said ghost tours.
Now Suzanne and Amber had already taken a ghost tour.  Actually Suz had been on two up to this point and she had great things to say about both of them.  She said that on one of them, she was so scared that she got chills AND even got teary eyed.  So naturally I was willing to talk her word on which tour to take. 
So we stroll up to one of the many stations that you can buy tickets and have a chat with the lady behind the counter.  We ultimately ended up going on a tour that Suzanne had already been on, but again said was good.  
Here is what we were expecting the tour to be like:
(YES, you get to watch a video!) 
So yeah, that is what we were expecting.  Basically to be super scared and to see some ghosts. Because hello, we were on a ghost tour! 
(this is Amber and Suz before the tour, they were pretending to see a ghost)
Fast forward 90 minutes……
The entire tour was basically a history lesson of St. Augustine with one or two stories of people who are said to be seen either walking along the sea wall or in the fort.  
The kicker was when we were stopped in front of this house and our guide said we would be going into the house.  We expected to be able to wander around the house and look for ghostly things.  Nope.
Didn’t happen.  We stood in a dark house while this lady (who looked exactly like Bellatrix Lestrange) babbled on and on and made jokes about “partying like a rock star,” “dropping it like its hot,” and “being saved by the bell.”
Only pretty neat thing that happened was that in a couple (and by couple I mean 2) of my pictures those orb things showed up.  

Can you see them?  They are supposed to be ghosts. 
Anyway the whole tour was a complete waste of time.  
We had fun laughing about it later though! 
In fact we took a post tour video:

(I would post the video we took of what I thought, but Suz didn’t take the videoing seriously and she pretty much just taped my body, not my face. FAIL.)

Moral of the story? Don’t go on the ghost tour of St. Augustine that takes you through the Spanish military hospital and then for a special “ghostly encounter.”  It’s lame and totally not worth.
On the bright side we came away with some great stories and a good laugh.  And of course we all go to hang out!  
The next day was spent at the beach, but since I don’t take pictures of myself in swimsuits (you’re welcome) I don’t have many pictures to share.  But I do have these:
We had breakfast at a diner that was right in front of our hotel.  It was adorable.

We had dinner at a place in the downtown area. We sat outside and there was this fun little band playing.

And ok, I lied, I did take a picture of myself at the beach.  But please note the one I took is from the chest up (again you’re welcome, I didn’t want to startle you guys.)

Over all we had a fantastic time eating, laughing, not being scared on ghost tours, and eating some more 
in St. Augustine.  
Best part?  I get to go back again in less than a week! 🙂

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