Laundry 101

Ok, let me just preface this post by saying that I have been doing my own laundry for a while now.
And by a while, I mean since I moved out my parents house when I was a freshman in college.  
That was 5 years ago.
In those 5 years I have been pretty awesome at doing my own laundry.  I’m proud to say I have never shrunk, discolored, nor ruined any item of clothing that I own. 
Until now.
See this dress…..
Yes, it is a dress.  A perfectly adorable green (though in this picture it looks more blueish) dress
that I bought at this super cute boutique called Francesca’s Collections. (click the link to see just how cute and fun all their stuff is!)   
Well to make this semi short and sweet.  
I read the tag on the dress before washing it.  It said hand wash only, lay flat to dry.
  I just threw it in my closet along with another pile of clothes that I needed to wash, after I wore it to the beach one day.  
It got lost amongst the others and I may have accidentally washed AND dried it. 
I cannot tell you how sad I was when I found that it had shrunk.
And I mean shrunk A LOT! It used to come to just above my knees.  It now rests at my hips.  
On the plus side it is still an adorable item of clothing and I can totally still wear it (just as a shirt now).  
But I felt like I needed to share this with y’all because I want to warn you of the dangers of losing a brand new dress in a pile of dirty clothes.  
Keep hand wash only items SEPARATE from all other items.
Now my shirt looks like this: 
While it may still look like a dress. It is no longer a dress its a top. I plan on wearing it soon, so you’ll see what happened.  

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