Ashley’s Visit Part 1: A Disney Day

This week was extra special because I had a very special visitor!
My best friend from back home in Texas came to see me!
She got in on Monday night and left early yesterday morning. And boy did we have a great time!
We spent her first day hitting up Disney.
We started at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, then went to Epcot, and finished up the night at Magic Kingdom.
Let me tell you.  Doing 3 parks in one day in 105 degree heat (plus humidity) is no bueno.
I cannot tell you how hot we were.  It was so gross.  So I just want to warn you that most of the pictures you are about to see involve two very red and sweaty looking girls.
This was our first picture of the day.  Not to bad yet!
And here we are by lunch time.  It was hot. Really hot.

 It was so hot, we bought fans in Japan.  And had our names written in Japanese.
These were a life savor while we were in Epcot!

Norway, it smells sexy in there. 

 I told you we looked sweaty and gross.
 I didn’t take very many pictures on our Disney day because Ashley has this super awesome camera, so we used that most of the time.  
My little point and shoot only snagged a couple of pictures.
The best thing we did was the Fireworks Dessert Party at the Magic Kingdom.
We ate a ton of yummy desserts including:
Fruit tarts
Creme Brule
Banana Pudding tarts
Chocolate Mousse
Ice Cream
Rise Crispy Treats
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
It was delightful!

We even had special viewing for Wishes (Magic Kingdom’s fireworks show).
By the end of the day we were beyond exhausted.  Our feet hurt, our hair was a wreck, and we didn’t smell to pretty either.  
But we had a blast the whole time! 
Stay tuned for Part 2!

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