It is rare nowadays to encounter true kindness.
At least from my personal experience it is.
But yesterday I was at the receiving end of that kindness.
I was working reserved fireworks viewing in Epcot.
(Yeah I get paid to watch fireworks, it’s awesome)
The fireworks start at 9:00pm but we have to be out there about an hour and 15 minutes early to set up the ropes and then check the guests who have the reserved viewing in when they arrive.  
It’s mostly a lot of standing around, but one of the great things about viewing is the guest interaction you get.
So last night I was standing in front of the ropes when an older British couple came up to ropes.  
We started chatting and I found out that they were on a 3 week holiday with their two children and their families from the UK.  They had already been in Florida for about a week and it was their last night at Disney.
The others were back at their villa’s and Grandma and Grandpa were having some alone time.
So after we chatted a few minutes, I realized I wanted to make their one night alone a little extra special, so I told them to come back at around 8:45 and they could watch the show from our reserved space.
They smiled broadly, thanked me and said they would be back.
So they come back and the older gentleman and I continue chatting before the show begins.  
We talked about a number of things, but I mentioned to him that I had  been to England when I was 16 and that I planned to go back one day.
He asked if I had a pen and paper. (which I didn’t. fail)
He then went and grabbed on from his wife and started scribbling on the paper.
He came back and handed me the paper.
On the paper he had written his and his wife’s names.
Their phone number in Wales.
And his e-mail address.
He said that if I was ever in England to give them a call so I would know someone while I was there. 
And if I needed anything that they would be happy to help.
He then told me to keep in touch with them until I was able to go to the UK.
I was floored.  How nice is that.  Seriously, you don’t see kindness like that anymore.
I spoke to this couple for about 45 minutes total and here they were, wanting to open their home to me if I ever came to the UK.
As I was driving home I couldn’t stop thinking about small acts of kindness and how rarely I see them happening in everyday life.  
So when it does happen don’t take it for granted.  Accept it and most importantly pass it along.
This couple completely made my day with their small act of kindness.
I will definitely follow their example.

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