A Cute Puppy Story…or is it?

So this might be blog worthy, it might not be, but I’m gonna share it anyway.
We are doggie sitting for the most adorable little dachshund/chihuahua mix ever.

His name is Bear! Yeah big name for such a small cute little puppy huh!
So anyway, we’re doggie sitting for two nights.  
I didn’t have to work today so I’ve been with the little cutie all day long.
(side note: I’ve never had a dog, only cats so it was interesting being with a doggie all day)
Bear and I had a great day.  We lounged on the couch together, we took a nice long walk together, and then we lounged together some more.
I took Bear out 5 times today, roughly every two hours.  He used the potty every time I took him out but he never went, you know, number two.
So to make a long story short.  
I had to run to store real quick twice today and both times, that sweet adorable little puppy
POOPED in both the bedrooms we left him in.   
Now remember, I took him out 5 times and he never went! 
Not only did he poop but he stepped in the poo and it got all over both the roommates beds.  
The apartment now smells like poo.  
(well not anymore, we have Scentsy’s and they are like magic, so now it smells like Baked Apple Pie!)
But you know what, we can’t even be mad at him, because its storming like crazy right now.
I’m talking heavy rain, thunder, lightening, the works.
And he is cuddled up in my lap, shaking because he’s scared.
Now how can you be mad at that?  
Yeah, you can’t.
Well that’s my story.
Now was it blog worthy or not?  

2 thoughts on “A Cute Puppy Story…or is it?

  1. LOL! Def blog worthy because I am sure a lot of us can relate. I have dog pooping stories with about 3 different dogs. I swear they do it out of spite because their owners left them!!I just became your newest follower! I hope that you can check out the blog that I just started with my sister and follow us back if you like it.Also, we are doing a great giveaway right now for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!!Blessings,Katwww.maryanddyer.blogspot.com


  2. i totally know what you are going through kathleen it is so frustrating with dogs and their poos sometimes, why do they tease us by pretending they have to go then they wait for you to turn your back then they go inside the house?? ggrr!!


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