Late Night Phone Call

Have I totally thrown you with that title?
Good, I meant to. 
Because let me tell you, this was not the kind of late night phone call you like.
It was probably the strangest phone call of my life!
So last night at 12:30am, yes 12:30, I got a call from a number that is not saved in my phone.
My first thought, was WTF? Who the heck is calling me this late.
So I answered, because I was curious, and it was some girl.
She said she was glad she finally got me and asked how I was.
I was completely dumbfounded. I went on to ask who it was (some girl named Britney) and how we had met.
She said we met at Epcot two weeks ago.  
Yeah I have absolutely NO recollection of meeting this girl and giving her my phone number.
I wasn’t even at work when we met apparently.  She said we meant at the French pavilion and got to talking.  I was with another friend and so was she.
(Sidenote: I don’t normally give my number to girls.  Guys? Yes. But girls, not so much.)
Not only that but, I haven’t been to Epcot for fun since my BF Ashley came to visit and that was the first week of August. Which wasn’t two weeks ago.
We had a really awkward 8 minute conversation where I apologized for not remembering, she said she was sad I didn’t remember, and then we hung up.  
 I then spent the next 20 minutes trying to remember who the heck this girl is.
And you know what?
I STILL have no idea who she is.
My roommate swears it had to have been a prank call.
But who does a prank call like that?
It wasn’t funny at all, it was just really weird and slightly creepy. 
 At the end of the call and the rest of the night I had this look on my face:
Did that really just happen?
Yes, yes it did.
Hope you all had a great Saturday night.
Hopefully it didn’t end as strangely as mine did! 🙂

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