Birthdays and Beach Days

 I have several things I’d like to share today and I’m torn on whether I should do one big post or several small ones.  
Don’t you just hate when that happens.  
You have so many fun things you want to share and you can’t decide which to share first.
So first I want to send a very big happy birthday to one of the most important people in my life.
Without this woman’s constant love and support I would not be who am I today, nor would I be living out my dream working for Disney.
Here she is:
See this pretty lady, struttin her stuff in a mini-play at Epcot?
That is my MAMA and today is her BIRTHDAY!
So the other thing I wanted to share was, today I went to Cocoa beach and saw this girl:
Katie is part of our group of 6 and she is MOVING BACK TO FLORIDA!
She got her very first nursing job at a hospital in a small town here in FL.
She’s currently house sitting and today we met at Cocoa Beach and had a lovely lunch and then relaxed on the beach. 

(I was a terrible picture taker today and only snapped two picture. Fail.)
But I am so excited that she will be living 2 hours away.  
We’ll get to see her pretty often.
This now means that 3 our 6 of us will be living in FL again! Now we just need Abby, Whitney, and Kelly to get their booties down here and it would be perfect! 🙂
My Monday has been wonderful and I hope yours has been too! 🙂

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