Monday’s Style File: The Duchess of Cambridge

I decided it would be fun to link up with Courtney from Courtney’s Organized Chaos for:

I was on Pinterest yesterday and stumbled on a bunch of pins featuring Kate Middleton or as she is now known, the Duchess of Cambridge. (sign, doesn’t that sound simply wonderful).
I went a little Kate Middleton pin crazy (as two of my wonderful friends pointed out) and so I decided the best way to showcase her fabulous style was through Courtney’s link up!
The Duchess of Cambridge has AH-MAZING style.  
Considering that she is the future Queen of England, I guess it’s a given that she would have great style,  but she had great style even before she married Prince William.
She wears classic styles that are elegant, feminine, age appropriate and completely beautiful.
If any of these clothes were to be purchased, my closet would be very happy! 

Source: via Kathleen on Pinterest

The Duchess of Cambridge is fabulous.

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Style File: The Duchess of Cambridge

  1. She is quite lovely isn't she. It's a shame she has lost so much weight all the same. I just read yesterday that she has become a \”pin-up\” girl for some Anorexia sites. I sure do hope she isn't heading in the same direction as Princess Diana.Take care and best wishes for a great week,Natasha.


  2. I do love Kate also. Have you gone to I love that website! And I just got an email from New York & Company that they have a new Kate inspired fall line! You should check it out!


  3. The royal family has great style!! They are always so chic, and classy!!Dont forget to come by my blog, and enter to win a coach wristlet!! {giveaway ends 12pm EST TODAY!}


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