Day 1:10 Day YOU Challenge

I’ve been reading through some of my previous posts and I realized that lot of them are all about what I’m doing in life.  But hardly any of them tell y’all anything about me personally.  
I found the 10 Day you Challenge through Courtney over at Courtney’s Organized Chaos (if you haven’t seen her blog, you should, she’s adorable).
So I thought this would be a fun way for y’all to get to know me just  tad better! 🙂  
Here we go! 
(I’m gonna start with 10 and work my way down to 1)
10 Secrets:
1. I hate baths.  Not showers, baths.  You will never seen me in a bath. Gross. There is just something I hate about laying down in water.  I think it has something to do with looking at myself horizontally. No thanks.
2. There is nothing I like better than to be at home doing absolutely nothing all day long.  When I have days like that I would prefer that they happen alone.  I would rather be in my room watching TV or reading or surfing the web alone, rather than be out in the living room.
3. My two favorite places are Target and Barnes and Noble.  My best friend Monica and I used to spend ridiculous amounts of time at Target and sometimes wouldn’t even buy anything. That still happens today. We just love to be there.  As for Barnes and Noble that is my happy place.  Even just looking around Barnes and Nobles website makes me happy.  
4. The only thing I regret never doing in college is studying abroad.  I wish I taken out an extra loan and gone to England one summer.    
5.  When I’m reading a good book, that is all I think about.  Seriously it’s a problem.  
6.  I go through stages where I eat the same foods for weeks on end and then I get sick of it and never eat it again.  Example: I used to eat Triskits, hummus, and tomatoes and now just the thought of that combinations makes me gag just a little.
7.  I’m not a big jewelry fan.  I don’t have a ton of it because I don’t buy it and when I do I forget to put it on.  The only jewelry I always wear are stud earrings, the ring my mom gave me for graduation, and a cross necklace with my birth stone in the center that my aunt gave me.  Other than those, you’ll never really see me with it on.
8. I hate laundry.  The only thing I really like is sorting it all.  After that I hate putting it in the washer, then the dryer and I mostly hate folding everything and putting it away.  Blegh.
9.  I also hate cooking.  I feel sorry for whoever my future husband is because I hate to cook.  Now on the flip side to that, I am totally willing to do all the dishes all the time if someone else will do the cooking. So hopefully we’ll be able to compromise.  Or I’ll have to figure out a way to make my self love cooking.
10. I was one accused of plagiarism in an English class.   I had forgotten to take a line that I was using for inspiration out of a paper that I was writing over a book we had read (it was a line describing what the book was about).  It was in the introduction and I forgot to go back and change it before I took it out.  My professor caught it (yes he caught that ONE line) and called me into his office to question me about it.  
It was the single most terrible thing to happen in my college career.
Alrighty, there you have it.  
Hope you all are having a great Labor day weekend!

2 thoughts on “Day 1:10 Day YOU Challenge

  1. Target and Barnes & Noble are my favorite stores too!!! 🙂 I'm the same way with #5 & #6 too. I love your blog – it's soo cute!Hannah


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