Day 2: Nine Loves

I hope everyone’s Labor Day was fantastic!
I actually had to Labor on my Labor Day so now break for me.  But I had a good day at work so no complaints. 
Alrighty well I am continuing with the:
Today I get to tell you:
9 Loves

1. My morning coffee.  My day hasn’t started until I have it.
2. Disney World during the holidays.  I’ve only seen Christmas, but I just recently saw all the Harvest (which are actually Halloween decorations, but we can’t call it them that till Octorber) and seriously it’s like a whole other world. AMAZING! So glad I get to be here for all of the holidays this year!
3.  Harry Potter.
4. Romance novels. (don’t judge)
5.  Awards season. The Golden Globes, The SAG awards, The OSCARS! I get excited just thinking about it!  The movies, the gowns, the actors! 
6.  Taking photos of the fun times with friends and family.  Pictures are the gateways to memories!  
7.  Best friends and long chats with those best friends.
8.  Classic movies/musicals.  Oh and the channel Turner Classic Movies.  I just love all those classic movies stars with movies about falling in love (without the need for sex and bad language).
9.  Teaching. 
That was easy peasey!  
Ta ta!

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