Day 3: Eight Fears

Time for Day 3:
Eight Fears

1.  Breaking down on the side of the interstate…alone…at night.  Seriously every time I see a car pulled over on the side of the interstate, I pray that it never happens to me.  It’s terrifying.
2.  Cockroaches and crickets.  (I shudder just thinking/typing about them). Crickets more so then cockroaches.  No idea why, but crickets make weird noises and they are just ew. 
3.  Something happening to my family.  Especially now that I live so far from them.  Example, two nights ago I got a call from my mom and she left a message.  Just by the tone of her voice I knew something bad had happened and my heart jumped into my throat.  It was NOT a good feeling.  
4.  Messing up at work.  
I have always hated getting trouble.  I never went to detention, never got sent to the principals office, never really got in trouble at home, nada!  So I’m terrified of messing something up at work.  I’m terrified that my drawer will be over or short and I have no idea why, I’m terrified of messing up a transaction and it be too difficult to fix or of getting a discussion from one of my managers. 
Just got to make sure none of that ever happens.
5.  Forgetting to turn off/unplug my straightener or curling iron and my room or bathroom catching fire and burning down my apartment.  This hasn’t happened in a while but it’s still scares me that it will happen.
6.  Disappointing my family and friends.
7.  Being left behind. 
 (3 best friends getting married within months of each other, scary and hard).
8. Never falling in love.  
This is my number one biggest fear.  And it is something I think about all the time and don’t really share with others.  In fact it’s taking a lot for me to admit it now.  I’ve erased it about 10 times.  
I want someone to love and someone to love me back.  
Wow, admitting your fears is A LOT harder than I thought it would be. 
 Especially the ones that are hard to admit to myself.  

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