We Remember

It’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since that horrific day.
 Y’all know what day I’m talking about.
I was in 8th grade and did not understand at all what was so significant about those terrible events. 
“What are the World Trade Centers?”  
I asked my mom as I watched her sitting on a bench in the girls locker room staring at the television in absolute horror, with tear streaming down her face.
When it was finally explained to me, I still didn’t really understand the significance. 
Not like I do now anyway.
I went to New York in the summer of 2008.
It was just for one day but I knew I wanted to visit the site to pay my respects.
I visited the memorial museum and walked around the site.
The plans for the beautiful memorial that is being unveiled today was in the early stages of planning and there were boards with what the site would look like in 2011.
I remember looking around and seeing all the military personal,and several large fences enclosing where the WTC’s had stood.
There were a ton of people standing around and no one was saying a word.  
Either they were just starting at the fences or they were reading about the memorial.  Some were crying.  
It was so strange being there, but I’m so glad I went. 
It was a very moving site.
So on this, the 10th anniversary, I just wanted to remember the day.
Honor the lives lost, the heros of the day, and our nation itself.  

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