Fabulous Fall Day 8: Fall Road Trips

So I had to skip yesterday’s challenge because I don’t really have any Fall recipes.
I guess I could have called my grandmother and gotten her brocolli cheese casserole recipe that she does at Thanksgiving.
It is super yummy! 
My all time favorite.
But I didn’t.
 I’m back today though for Amber and Neely’s:

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
Today we are talking about Fall Roadtrips/Vacations.
The only Fall road trip my family has ever made was during the Fall is to my grandmothers for Thankgiving!
We’ve been spending Thanksgiving with my dad’s family in Lovington, NM for as long as I can remember.
I can only remember a few times when we stayed home and let me tell you, it was just NOT the same!
One year when we didn’t go and my Dad made this pork tenderloin thing instead of turkey.Gross.That is NOT what you eat on Thanksgiving.
Anyway, I just love this trip.My dad’d whole family gets together and we visit, watch football (usually the Dallas Cowboys), and EAT EAT EAT!!

The granddaughters Thanksgiving 2009
This year I won’t be going on the Roadtrip.
That is one of the ONLY negative things about living in Florida and working for Disney.
We are open 365 days a year. 
Plus it is pretty hard to get off the major holidays because EVERYONE wants off for the holidays.
So sadly I’ll be missing this year.
My momma is NOT happy.
And if I’m 100% honest…..
neither am I.

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