Mad About Plaid

I finally started my training to be a Segway tour guide!
To find out what I’m talking about click here. 🙂
We had our 4 hour Segway class on Monday and got to learn all about how a Segway operates.
We also had to drive the Segway over something called the Rumble (which is just a bunch of small and tall bumps), we went over a ramp, we took them outside and went up hill and downhill, and we even did a complete 360 turn on a pretty steep ramp.  
Yeah we got to wear those pretty sweet vests out in the park in front of people.
We look real good, huh.
So yesterday was the first official day of the tour guide portion of the training.
We just had to go on the tour (which I’ve already been on) but I got to come work in super casual clothes.
It was awesome.
I got paid to go on a Segway tour and pretty much sit around and talk all day.
Again, it was awesome.
Oh and one other thing.
Y’all know who Vern Yip is?
Yeah he’s the AMAZING designer on HGTV who does Trading Spaces.  As well as several other HGTV shows.
Well he’s in town for the Food and Wine Festival.
He’s on the right side standing by Jordan!
The other guy is his partner Craig Koch.
Both of them were so nice and fun.
Today I will be doing 4 out of the 8 countries on the tour.
Kinda nervous but super excited at the same time!
Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Mad About Plaid

  1. Clearly keeping the kids at home and doing Disney with other adults is the way to go! We did Magic Kingdom and Epcot with our four children last summer, and by the end of the vacation, nobody was talking to each other, it was that much work! You guys look like you're actually having fun. You're smiling!


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