Fabulous Fall Day 5: What I’m Looking Forward to Most

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
For Day 5 we get to talk about all that we are looking forward to for the Fall.
Here goes:
1. Fall decorations that we just started putting up YESTERDAY! Read the post right below this and you’ll see that I was Miss fall crafty pants!
2. Cooler weather…NOT! Let me clarify,  I live in Florida.So while it wont be cooler per say, it will at least not be humid.Which means my hair will be happy!
3. Wearing there boots that I’m buying ASAP from Target:

4. Thanksgiving.
Oh wait, this will be my first Thanksgiving EVER where I’m not with my family.
I’m not looking forward to that.
This was our family pic from last Thanksgiving.
5. One of my best friends wedding! She’s getting married on November 18th!
I’m one of the MOH.
Click here to read about it!
6. Darker nail polish.
7. The fact that my cousin and her fiance are coming to Disney World!
Their  coming at the end of October and this will be their first trip here!
Yep, so many fun things to look forward to this fall! 
PS. Today is OFFICIALLY the First Day of Fall!
Have a Fun Filled Fall Weekend!

Crafty Chefy… Yet More Crafty then Chefy.

Yesterday I was the perfect little homemaker.
Seriously if I had a boyfriend he would have been one happy camper.
But I don’t.
However I do have 3 roommates who greatly appreciated my efforts.
Not only did I do some serious damage at Hobby Lobby and Target in the decorations department.
But I cooked dinner.
From scratch. 
All by myself.
Now I’m super excited about this because I DO NOT COOK.
Like at all and this dinner did not involve anything that was frozen.
Go me!
I found a recipe that I thought look pretty easy, I followed it and it came out delicious!
Just ask the roommates.
They loved it.
Now to share some photos of my crafty/chefy day.
Is chefy even a word?
It is now!
First up we have the crafty.
At Hobby Lobby I bought some fall garland, a few wooden pumpkins, a Happy Harvest sign, and some wreaths to make….well wreaths.
Here’s the Fall wreath:
All this stuff was 40% off!

 The finished product! 
Next is that tulle wreath I posted about yesterday.
You know the one I found on Pinterest?
It was SO easy!
You just need tulle and a wreath.
These too were on sale.
50% off!  

So I’m pretty sure I bought the wrong wreath. Womp womp.
I didn’t read the directions very closely.
So I had to first wrap the wreath entirely in the black tulle.
Luckily I bought two rolls.

Then I took the rest of the black tulle and the orange tulle and cut it one of my arms length wide.

Then all you do is literally tie the tulle, and put enough of it around the wreath so that it looks fluffy and pretty.
Like this!

I still think it needs something. 
Maybe a glittery Happy Halloween sign in the middle or something fun like that.
Ok so my last crafty project of the day was that super cute book pumpkin I showed y’all in yesterday’s Fabulous Fall Challenge!
You can find out the exact directions to this cutie patootie at Creations by Kara.
Sorry I’m lazy and don’t want to write out all the directions.
But I will give you very brief ones.
All you need is an old book, some scissors, some hot glue, spray paint, and ribbon.
I had the book, the scissors and the hot glue.
The spray paint was 25% off at Hobby Lobby and the ribbon was 50% off.
You first need to make a pattern of a pumpkin.
 It’s easiest to fold a sheet in half and cut it so that the pumpkin is symmetrical.
Then you take the cover off your book and then place the pattern so that the bottom is on the spin.
Then you trace.

And at this point I was so ready to be done cutting that I forgot to take pictures in between.
So if you decide you want to make it please click here.
Because that tutorial is WAY better than mine!
This is what your pumpkin will look like when your completely done cutting the pages out.

Again I apologize for the lack of photos on how you get from the above photo to the one below.
Basically you put hot glue on the very edge (the spin) of the cut out and take the back page and press it into the glue. 
Then you’ll spend about 20 minutes trying to fluff the pumpkin and get it so that it doesn’t look totally fugly.

Eventually though it will look like this! 

Then you lightly spray paint the edges.
(However I don’t know how to spray paint so most of it ended up on my hand and not the pumpkin.)

And surprise!
I didn’t take a picture of me putting on the stick that I went out in the rain to get so I could make it my stem.
Or me struggling to get the stick to stay straight up and make the pumpkin fluff enough.
Man I am epically failing at showing you guys how to make this thing!
Well this is what the finished product looks like!
It came out a tad bigger than I was expecting but it look super cute sitting on our bar.
And I am very pleased with it! 
I guess I’m not so bad at the whole crafting business after all! 
I thought I would share this too.
That’s me basically acting like a two year old because my roommate wanted to take my picture when I have no makeup on.
Well it was on, but I rubbed it all off cuz that’s what I do when I get tired.
Ok, now I’m rambling.
Till next time! 🙂
PS. I’m saving the amazing dinner I made for another post because this one is already obnoxiously long.

Fabulous Fall Day 4: Fall Decor

One of my all time favorite things about Fall is all the amazing decorations you get to put up.
Today for:

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
we get to talk about that very thing.
At home my mom has the best decorations for any season.And luckily for me every roommate I’ve had since then has loved putting up decorations for each of the seasons/holidays.
This year is no different and here are some of my fall/halloween decoration inspirations that I’ve found.
First we will definitly be making a Fall wreath for the front door

And some type of Halloween wreath.  I found this one on Pinterest.It’s made of tulle! 

Pumpkins are great to decorate with as well because they can be used straight through Thanksgiving!
I plan on making several of these cute little book pumpkins!

And of course well be carving pumpkins!
Signage is also super fun to use as decorations.
A trip to Hobby Lobby is in order because all of their Fall signs and stuff are 40% off right now!
(I’m headin there tomorrow!)

Source: etsy.com via Heather on Pinterest

Seriously though, Pinterest has some great ideas!
I’ve spent hours on there browsing through all their Fall and Halloween decorations.
Now I just need to get out an buy some stuff and get this apartment in the holiday spirit!

I’m going to try my hardest to record any and all DIY attempts.
I use the word attempt because I usually fail epically at anything that involves DIYing.

Click here, here, and here to see what I’m talking about.
Hopefully these attempts will be 100% more successful!

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Ok Ok I know I have already posted twice today but its Wednesday!
And I just can’t bring my self to miss out on:


It’s my favorite and Michelle is awesome!
So here are some of my favorites for the week:

Source: None via Tracey on Pinterest
Source: tumblr.com via Jenna on Pinterest
Have a great Wednesday! 

Two Things

1. Today I am guest posting over at:

Erin is a super fun blogger who I just love.
So go check her out, while you check me out, on her blog! 🙂

2.  I want to sent a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to Courtney over at Courtney’s Organized Chaos!
She has given me my very first BLOG AWARD!
I was so incredibly excited when she told me.
(I may have gotten just a tad teary eyed too.)
She is one of the sweetest people ever and I love her blog.

Here it is:

Here are the rules of the award:

1. Thank the person that gave you the award.
2. Share three random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to five other bloggers.

Three Random Facts:

1. I still wear my retainer to bed sometimes because I swear when I don’t my teeth move.
And my teeth are the one thing that I just really don’t like about my face. I had braces but I don’t think my orthodontist left them on long enough because they moved so fast.

2. I twirl my hair.
 I do it when I’m thinking, when I’m listening, when I’m tired, when I’m bored, when I’m watching tv or a movie.
Basically all the time.
It’s an annoying nervous habit that I just can’t seem to shake.

3.  I drive a standard.
I cried when I first started learning to drive it because I couldn’t do it right away.
Now I’m a pro.
But I hate it.
Seriously driving a standard is super annoying, especially in traffic.
I can’t wait to buy an automatic.
But at least my car is cute. Kinda.

I’m passing the award on to:

1. Meg at Henning Love
2. Whitney at Writing on a Whim
3. Michelle at The Vintage Apple
4. Heather at Blonde……..Undercover Blonde
5. Jacki at Wine Down

All of these ladies have super fun blogs!
I love them and I know you will too, once you check them out!

Fabulous Fall Day 3: Halloween

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

For day 3 of Neely and Amber’s super fun link up challenge we get to talk about:

This is so appropriate because last night I went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!
Yep, it’s a Halloween Party in September, complete with a parade AND fireworks. 
Now that is my kinda party!
 It is SUPER fun!
I’ll  post more pictures later but my group of friends and I went as campers and a lone camp counselor (yours truely) from the movie Heavyweights!  
We got these amazing “I’m Perkisizing” t-shirts.
(I actually didn’t get one cuz I was supposed to be working last night, thus why I was a camp counselor, but was able to get off early so I could go to the party! Woo HOO!)
But I did wear gym shorts, a tank, and a work out type jacket with a pin that said “Perkis Power”
Please tell me that at least a few of you have seen the movie Heavyweights.
If not I will be very sad.
Because it is the best movie EVER! 
Anywho, on to the challenge!
My absolute favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the creative things that other people come up with.
Example, two of my friends went as Bonnie and Andy from Toy Story 3.
They looked JUST like them and were a HIT!
(Totally wish I had actual pictures of them  to post but alas I do not.)
I’m gonna be totally honest though and admit that I can’t remember any fun Halloween stories to share. 
Seriously, I got nothin.

Fabulous Fall Day 2: Fall Clothes

Yay for being on Day 2 of Neely and Amber’s Fall Challenge!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Now I know today was supposed to be about Fall clothes, trends, and makeup but I have no idea what trends included and my makeup routine stays the same year round.
Yeah I’m boring.
But hey I know what looks good on my face and I am super fast at putting it all on.

However, fall clothes are some of my favorite clothes.
Therefore this entire post will be dedicated to all the fabulous Fall clothes I’ve seen on Pinterest.
I don’t own any of these clothes.

Sadly we don’t get much a “fall” here in Florida.
It’s hot as heck through like October and then all of a sudden it’s freezing at night.

So here are the clothes that I probably wont be wearing but will still have in my closet this fall!
Because like every other girl out there I love:
boots, skinny jeans, scarves, sweaters, and of course fall nail polish.

Source: glam.com via Kristi on Pinterest

I think there is a theme with all these outfits.  
They all have brown boots.
I don’t have brown boots.
I think not!
Brown boots will be purchased ASAP.
Ps. I’ve been listening to Christmas music while I’ve been writing this post. 
Too soon?
Yeah I don’t think so either! 🙂