Totally Random Monday and a Gross Story

On this fine Monday I have no idea what to write about.
Seriously, I’m at a total loss on what would interest you lovely readers.
Don’t you just hate when that happens?
You’re on a roll for a while, posts are coming easily and your fingers are flying across the keyboard.
Then all of a sudden you’ve got nothin.
Lame I know.
So in light of that, this is going to be the most random post EVER.
Here are a few random fun things/thoughts from the weekend:
1.  I have my very first solo Segway tour next Sunday! I am soooo excited! 🙂  
2.  Two of my very best friends, Kelly and Katie came to visit over the weekend!
We had a blast! Even though it monsooned the whole time.

3. It has rained for the whole weekend! Seriously I woke up on Saturday to rain, then went to bed to it Saturday night, and woke up to it again on Sunday.  
I’ve never been so sick of rain as I am right now.
4.  Having said that, the weather in FL the last couple weeks has been AH-MAZING! 
5.  I had escargo at the Food and Wine Festival the other day.  Gross I know. But it was really good.
Granted it was in a tiny little bread bowl that was covered in garlic and butter. But still it was super yummy. 

6.  I haven’t bought myself a new article of clothing/shoes in about 3 weeks.  I’m dying to buy these boots:
My final random thing from this weekend is a work story.
Get ready to feel totally grossed out on my behalf.
7.  While at work on Friday night something totally gross happened.
A guest came in upset over several mishaps that occurred during her trip.  
Being the wonderful Guest Relations cast member that I am I listened intently while she vented to me.
While she is “venting” to me, her 2 year old is screaming bloody murder.
Like seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a child make that kind of noise before.
(Mind you, the husband is in an electric wheel chair and is doing nothing whatsoever to stop his daughters screaming)
The woman looked totally frazzled and I guess she finally just decided to give up on quieting down her 2 year old, so she picks her up, pushes her shirt to the side…..
My first thought was to laugh because I couldn’t believe she was actually breast feeding her child in a lobby full of people.
My second thought was WTF are you doing lady! Seriously this is totally gross! Like beyond gross.
Also why are you breast feeding a 2 year old? Isn’t she kinda of old to be doing that?
Don’t get me wrong I am all for breast feeding.  However, either do it somewhere that gives you a little more privacy or at least throw a blanket over your shoulder.
It was awkward to say the least. (And totally nasty)
Well that was my weekend in a series of totally random events and thoughts thrown together.
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and you didn’t see some random lady’s boob like I did.
PS. Don’t forget to enter my givaway here! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Totally Random Monday and a Gross Story

  1. Oh my gosh I just laughed out loud at work!!! bahahahhahaaha. Only you.P.s. I got really sad yesterday that 4/6 were together and I wasn't there. Now 2/6 will be together. I want 6/6. K thanks. MISS you. LIKE A LOT.


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