It’s the Great Pumpkin!

Good grief I can’t believe we are at another Friday in October.
Time is literally flying by y’all.  
Before you know it, it’s gonna be 2012!
So y’all know I work for Disney.
And as I’ve said before when you work for Disney you don’t have normal weekends.
Like today is my Monday but it’s actually Friday. Lame.
Thus, Wednesday and Thursday are my weekends.
And boy did I have a good one this time!
Suzanne and I had the same two days off and so we told ourselves we were gonna have FUN and try to do things that didn’t involve Disney!
Trust me after a while you do get a tad sick of being there all the time.
On our first day off we did the following:
A. Went and ate Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney.
We both had the Holiday Sandwich:
There it is.  Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry sauce, and Gravy between two pieces of bread.
I was VERY hesitant to try this thing.

And here’s a snapshot of me actually taking a bite.
Scary I know. 
I hope this isn’t what I look like every time I eat something.

And this is how I felt after my first few bites! 
I want one right now.
So then we went and saw 50/50 which is an excellent movie and made me cry.
I dunno if it is because my monthly friend is visiting or what. 
But I cried A LOT! 
Go see it! It’s great.
Then we saw Dream House (yes we did a double feature, no I’m not ashamed)
Not impressed with this one.
Plus I left my Coach sunglasses in one of the theatres and they have yet to be retrieved.
Suzanne scolded (yes I said scolded) because I wasn’t very pleasant to the theatre workers when they wouldn’t go look and see if my glasses were in the theatres.
And in hindsight I was kinda a B. 
I blame the monthly visitor again.
So then we walked around the Florida Mall a bit and then ate AGAIN.
Very successful day.
Yesterday was even more fun!
We went to a PUMPKIN PATCH!
A real honest to goodness pumpkin patch!
We got two big pumpkins, 3 gourds, 4 smallish pumpkins, and 6 little pumpkins!
Then we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and to Hobby Lobby for more craft supplies.
Oh and my car wouldn’t start. FML. Then it did start. It was awful.
Then we came home and carved the pumpkins and painted the pumpkins. 

This one is Suzanne’s.  
Isn’t my roommate talented?
She didn’t even use an outline or anything!
This is totally freehand.

And then here’s my lamo-Jack-O-Lantern.
 I can’t free hand to save my life.
But hey I like old-fashion, traditional things.
So it fits! 

And here are our other projects of the night:

Well I hope y’all have as awesome of a weekend as I had! 🙂
So not fair, y’alls is just starting and mine is ending.
Make it a great one and do something Halloweeny! 🙂

One thought on “It’s the Great Pumpkin!

  1. I want to see that movie but I'm afraid I'll cry. I saw the Bucket List with my dad right before he passed (from cancer) and I was balling my eyes out.And great pumpkins!


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