Trying New Things

So today was the day to try a few new things.And by a few I mean 2.
First up, I had my very first massage today.We went to Massage Envy.  Suz is a member and she gets one every month.And this month she asked me to go with her.It was interesting.
Totally relaxing but here was what was running through my mind as I was getting it:
1. It’s kinda weird laying pretty much naked under a sheet with the lights dimmed.2. I kept thinking that Phoebe from Friends is a mousse and what it would be like to have her be the one giving me the massage.3.  I’m totally relaxed and falling asleep right now.4. I really wish these were big strong man hands giving me this awesome massage and that that man was my boyfriend.Sadly it was a woman named Cathy, who was very nice and professional. But just not the same. lol
Afterward they asked if I wanted to become a member but I realized that I had just spend $40 on a massage and I would much rather spend that $40 on say…..books.
But it was nice and I’ll get one again, eventually.
Second new thing I tried was…..SUSHI!I’ve had California Rolls but that’s about it.We went to this place called Sushi Japan. It was AMAZING!Here is what we had:

We started with edamame beans and miso soup.Then we had California Rolls, Spider Rolls, and Las Vegas Rolls.YUM!Def just discovered my love for sushi.  But not like raw stuff. It has to have some type of crab, be wrapped in rice, have avocado, and cucumbers. The dipped in a little soy sauce.But that totally counts! Right?
Now go out and try something new.You’ll like it.I know I did! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Trying New Things

  1. sushi is def the best thing in the world. i swear, all that has to happen is for me to even HEAR or read the word \”sushi\” and I get an instant craving. its ridiculous. california is one of my faves too! you should try \”shrimp tempura\” youll love it 🙂


  2. Im so glad you found a love of sushi! I love it too–and spider rolls are awesome!There is a place here in Virginia that makes \”Victoria's Secret rolls\” which is rolled in pink seaweed! It's also, delicious! :)Happy Wednesday!Jenn@ Going the Distance


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