Christmas is All Around

So I was sitting on my couch watching Law and Order: SVU last night when I realized that I haven’t shown y’all any of our Christmas decorations.(Yeah don’t ask why that show made me realize I hadn’t shown off my Christmas decor…I don’t know why either….weird).But all the other blogs I’ve read are doing it too! So, I’m jumping on the Christmas Decor bandwagon.
Last week I finally made it to Hobby Lobby, which was totally and completely picked over.  It was the final days of all of their Christmas decor being half off.
I had to dig and rummage through everything they had left to find some good stuff.And even then I didn’t find too much.I also had to buy all new ornaments because we don’t have any. We decided (more like I decided) to go with more traditional colors this year.Red and Gold to be exact.
So enough chit chat…I’ll let pictures do the rest of the talking.(PS. My camera is horrendous so please excuse the poor picture quality!)

I’ve got mad bow making skills.
My madre taught me.
Thanks Madre.

Can’t have an apartment full of Disney Cast Members and NOT have a few Disney ornaments!

Why yes I made that wreath as well.

Santa Mickey

My mom sent me this stocking as an early Christmas present!

And she sent one for all the roommates too! 
 In the center of our dining room table.
Oh and the Sexiest Man Alive.

Well that’s what we’ve got for now.
But more is coming!
Suzanne has been at home for the last weeks (by home I mean in Kansas)
And she sent me this picture the other day:
Can’t wait to see it all laid out.
Or more importantly all put up pretty in our apartment! 
Have a Merry Friday lovelies! 


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