Presents! Presents! Presents!

Last night my roommates and I spent about 2 hours talking about our top 3 favorite Christmas presents we’ve EVER gotten.Tough questions huh!
Of course none of us could decide on just 3, but we had such a good time laughing and sharing stories.
So I figured I would share some of my favorites with y’all.
But I think I’ll settle on just 3.
1. One Christmas, when my brother and I, were about 8 and 9, we got a Jeep Power wheels that looked a lot like this:

I really wanted the hot pink Barbie one…but when you have a younger brother the parents gotta go with a unisex Jeep. 
We drove that thing into the ground up and down out street! 
And with the box it came in my best friend and I from down the street made a house! Complete with windows, curtains, flowers, a door.  All cut out and drawn onto the outside of the box of course.
But we had our very own house and car to drive.
2.  Another year I got a complete tea set/dress up set.   It was a white wicker table and chairs, with a pink ceramic tea set.  And on the chairs were two complete sets of dress up clothes. Complete with two dresses, matching sashes, hates, gloves…the works.  This was my 6 year old dream present.
(Actually it’s my 23 year old dream present too! But would include big girl clothes and this tea set:)
I’ve been dying for this set FOREVER!
3. This last one is a much more modern gift.  In fact it’s from last year:
My Nook. 
 I adore this thing.  It goes with me EVERYWHERE! 
I got it for Christmas last year and have loved every minute of it.
Well those are some favorites from years past.
This year is going to be different.
I’m not at home for Christmas this year. 
At all.
Not even for a little bit of it.
My parents had to send me a few presents in the mail and vise versa.
It’s gonna be awful strange not waking up in my own house on Christmas day.
Opening stockings and then presents with my family.
But I’m making the best of it! 
The roommates and I all have the morning off so we’re gonna make a big Christmas breakfast, exchange gifts and then I’ll Skype with my parents and brother and we’ll have our own little Christmas.
Thank goodness for technology! 🙂 
So here are a few things that would be on my Christmas list IF I were spending it at home:
(yes I found most all of this on Pinterest)
-Burberry London perfume
-a new Coach purse
-Giftcards (love getting them, and only give them as a last resort.)

-And clothes (which I’m pretty sure is what my mom sent me anyway!)
Actually, I never really know what I want for Christmas anymore. It’s really hard for me to say….”Yes I want this, and this, and that.”So I just give general stuff like…”Perfume, a new purse, clothes.” That kinda thing.  
Anyhoo…I’m trying my hardest to make my very first EVER Christmas away from home full of the Christmas spirit and so far I’m succeeding.
What are some of y’alls all time favorite Christmas presents?

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