Goodbye 2011….Hello 2012

Well it’s the last day of 2011.Which honestly….BLOWS MY MIND! I can’t believe a whole year has come and gone with so much change coming with it.
In honor of 2011, I gonna take a que from my best friend Monica (check out her blog: Monica’s Road to the Middle.  She and her new hubby share it and they are HILARIOUS) and do a top 11 of 2011!
Here we go:(Ps. these are in no particular order)
11. I went through student teaching and found out just how much I love it.

9. I got one of my dream jobs working in Guest Relations for the Walt Disney Company.

8. I moved to Florida!
7.  I was the Maid of Honor at one of my best friends wedding!

6.  I watched the last and final Harry Potter movie.

5.  I’ve had more fun times with this girl than I can count:

4.  I was surprised with tickets to see my favorite singer, Tim McGraw by another of my best friends!
3.  I spent my first Christmas at Disney.

2.  My blog has changed as much as my life has!
1.  I got another dream job working as a Youth Education Series Facilitator with the Disney Company!aka. Teaching at Disney! 🙂
Yeah, I would say 2011 was pretty good to me.  
Now lemme tell you a few of my resolutions for 2012. 
1. SAVE MONEY! (This is my biggest one.) 
2.  Blog more. Take more pictures.
3. Get out and experience more LIFE!  
4. Travel a little more.
5. Try to eat healthier and attempt to work out at least once a week. (This one probably wont happen)
6.  I’d really like to fall in love this year.  (But my expectations for this are not too high)
Ok…. there ya have it.My 2012 Resolutions.
I hope you all have an amazing New Years Eve.
I will be ringing in the new year at Epcot dealing with 60,000 people who think they are the only ones who thought it would be a good idea to come to Disney for New Years!
Hope you all have an amazing night! Be Safe!
See ya in 2012! 🙂


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