A Year in Pictures

One of my NYRs (New Years Resolutions) is to take one picture for every day of 2012.
My best friend and I are doing it together.  She’s done way better than I have though.She has actually posted one picture a day.I, on the other hand, posted days 10, 11, and 12 all in the same day (ie. last night at around 10:23pm).Fail.That is not how it is supposed to work, but hey as long as it gets done, I’m happy.
But I figured since most of us are not friends on Facebook I would do one post a week where I share those pictures with you guys
So without further ado here are pictures from January 1-12, 2012:
1/1/12- Celebrating the New Year at Epcot!

 1/2/12: My cousin Candis came to Orlando and treated me to an amazing dinner at the Polynesian hotel.
 1/3/12: This was the forecast in Florida on the 3rd.  It was FREEZING!
1/4/12:  This was our last official day as Guest Relations interns.
And it is tradition for the interns to take pictures and bring them in a frame to put on the “Intern Wall.”
Jord and made this!
It’s a collage of pictures taken throughout our whole internship!

1/5/12:  Ok Bojangles is my best friend Abby’s absolute FAVORITE place to eat.
Seriously, the girl is obsessed.  
And when we live here in Orlando together she was constantly complaining that there was no Bojangles in FL.
I was driving around trying to find a bank and I found THIS instead.
Naturally I had to snap a picture and send it to her.
I think this has finally convinced her to move back to FL! 

 1/6/12: Brunch with some great girls in Celebration, FL. (ie. my future home).
 1/7/12: Last D-pin ceremony of my internship!
1/8/12: This was the position I was in for most of the day.
Thank you Netflix and your Watch Instantly feature.
I was watching The Kennedy’s.
(That reminds me, I need to finish that). 
1/9/12: I have officially joined the Bare Minerals family.
1/10/12:  Birthday dinner for my friend Amber at one of the best restaurants on Disney property, Ohana. 
1/11/12:  These are sandwiched from one of the funnest little shops I’ve ever been to.
It’s called Pom Poms Tea Shop.
I will def be returning to this place soon.

 1/12/12:  I love movies! Seriously they are my favorite things in the world.
Yesterday I saw New Years Eve.
It was cute. You’re typical romantic comedy.
Zac Efron and Josh Duhmal were my favorite parts! 🙂
Oh and speaking of movies, it is time for my FAVORITE season.
 As I type this, I’m watching the Critics Choice Awards and it is totally getting me super excited for the Golden Globes on Sunday! 
The clothes, the celebrities, the montages….EVERYTHING.
I love it! 
Alrighty well this is an embarrassingly long post, so I’m gonna leave it at that.
I hope y’all have an AMAZING weekend!
My first day of my new job is Saturday and I could not be more excited! 🙂 
Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “A Year in Pictures

  1. Taking a picture a day and posting them is such a hard challenge! I really give you credit! I tried last year and failed after a month. I really would like to keep up with it though, its such a great idea. Maybe next year.


  2. Love the pictures!! I had a internship at Disney a few years back, but ended up staying home at the VERY last minute. I just was NOT ready to leave! LOL Good luck on your 1st day Saturday at the new job!! 🙂


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