It’s Ok Thursday!

It’s finally Thursday!  Which means it’s my very last day of training!Tomorrow I’ll have real live students to teach.
Oh and just FYI tomorrow will be the day you get to hear all about the new job! Figured it would make more sense to do it at the end of training rather than at the beginning or in the middle.
So for today I’m linking up (once again) for:
Its Ok Thursdays

It’s OK:
….to listen to the same song about 50 times in one day.  Seriously click the play button NOW this song is AMAZING:

….to wait till all you are bathing suit bottoms to wear as underwear before you do laundry.
… love the fact that you have a wear a costume (aka uniform) to work because you don’t have to pick out what to wear to work.  
… watch both channels that are showing reruns of Friends.  (I kept switching back and forth as I typed this.)
… love my new hair cut some days and not love it others.(What do yall think?)

… really want an Erin Condren planner but cringe when you think about spending $50 on one.
They look so amazing though…I think I’m starting to cave.
… be excited about my date tonight!  Yes I said in with a boy! 🙂
….to be annoyed/excited that President Obama is giving some big important speech tomorrow at the Magic Kingdom.  
(Annoyed because his visit is completely messing with my schedule tomorrow and excited’s the President of the United States! How can I not be excited that he’s gonna be in the same place as me.)
So today I’m off work at like 12:45pm.  
Thank goodness.
So I’m planning on getting a jump start on some posts that I have planned tomorrow afternoon.
That’s the plan anyway.
We’ll see how it actually works out.
See if I had that Erin Condren planner…blogging and my life in general would be a lot more organized.


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