A New Addition, a Date, and Pictures!

Happy Monday pretty friends!
This was my first weekend that had fallen on the actual weekend.Reminds me of being back in school and I must say:I LOVE IT! 
My weekend was probably one of the most eventful I’ve ever had!Why you ask?
Well for starts we got a new addition to our little family.
I am pleased to introduce:

Harry Winston! 
If you are wondering if we named him after THE Harry Winston as in…
“She’s got the 6-carat Harry Winston, on her boney, unpolished finger.”
(name the movie)  
Then you are CORRECT!
Yes, we now have a dog!
Officially he belongs to my roommate Sara, but of course we will all be taking care of him.
We rescued him from a shelter so he’s already house broken, doesn’t bark, listens well! 
Bah he’s just perfect! 🙂
Expect to see a lot of him on here from now on! 
Next: On Saturday, I went on a date!
Now this was my first date in….well forever!
Seriously FOREVER!
We’ll call him A for now.
We didn’t do anything super special.
It was very casual and fun.
We had drinks at one of the Disney hotels and then we were supposed to watch the fireworks at Epcot.
But we got so distracted just talking that we completely forgot about the fireworks.  
We sat in the same spot talking for over 3 1/2 hours!
It was perfect!
We just got to know each other better. 
And guess what?!
We’re going to dinner on Tuesday! 
Sunday was spent getting to know Harry better and just relaxing.
Pretty good weekend if you ask me.
Ok so now for my year in pictures update!
(Jessica over at Lovely Little Things does a collage type thing to introduce her pictures and I love it so I’m stealing the idea from her! If you haven’t met her, go do it now! She’s super fun! )
1.  1/13/12: New Hair Cut!
2. 1/14/12: Saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D 
3. 1/15/12: First day of Y.E.S training.  3 of 5 great interns.
4. 1/16/12: Had a great skype date with my best friend.

5. 1/16/12:  Dinner at Chili’s with friends.
6. 1/17/12: Game night with the same friends.
7. 1/18/12: Last day of Y.E.S. training.  Here is our entire training group.
8. 1/19/12:  Met up with my ECGR BF Jordan for a fun few hours at Animal Kingdom.

And last but not least:
1/20/12:  Got my best friends wedding invitation in the mail.
She’s getting married in March! 

I just love pictures.  Don’t you?
Have a great Monday!
Toodles, Photobucket

3 thoughts on “A New Addition, a Date, and Pictures!

  1. Thanks for the shout out, lovely-yay!Anyway…AH I am so excited about your puppy!You better post random pictures of him all the time :)And I'll be looking for a follow up post about your Tuesday dinnnaaa ;)xo!


  2. I couldn't help but say aww how cute, with a huge smile as I read about your date! How adorable! I mean 3 1/2 hours is a LONG time to sit and talk. So sweet :). I also loooooove the new addition. He's absolutely adorable! I'm wanting a puppy more than ever right now!P.S. I'm doing a sponsorship/button swap for the month of February if you're interested. Check out my post! 🙂


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