My Week in Pictures (Last week I mean)

Hello hello lovelies!So I’m a day off on my scheduled posts.womp womp.
I’ve been trying my hardest to use my new planner to plan out posts and it’s been working great.Until this last week.I’ve literally been falling asleep at around 7:30 or 8 every night.I feel like such a grandma!
But luckily today was my very last day of training. So I will be back on a normal schedule with real days off!And hopefully back to regular postings.
For now here what I should be sharing with y’all on Mondays.My update for my Year in Pictures!I’m still going strong, but I may or may not have posted 3 days worth of pictures in 1 day.Fail.But hey at least I’m taking a picture a day, right.They rules don’t say POST a picture a day they just say TAKE a picture a day.See it’s all in the wording.
So here we go:

1/30/12: My nook updated itself and I can now stream Netflix!  This thing goes with me EVERYWHERE!
1/31/12:  I lost my voice last week and my tea pot and tea became my best friends.

2/1/12:  After my very bad day at work.  Suzanne and I went for sushi. Enough said.
2/2/12: This is what happens when the dishwasher doesn’t get run in our apartment. We use measuring spoons as utensils. 

2/3/12:  Back at Epcot! Felt so good to be back.
2/4/12:  This picture doesn’t even need an explanation. 

2/5/12: Best part about training in Epcot is getting to have lunch in the World Showcase. Quiche and a strawberry tart from France!  Oh and that is my new lucky cat from Japan. I found him on the floor.  
(Sorry those last 3 are so small.  Can’t seem to get it any bigger. fail.)
I’m really loving this project.  It’s going to be a great album to have when I’m all done on December 31, 2012.  
Know what else I’m loving? All my new followers!I’m almost at 100..which is just crazy.I really do appreciate each and everyone of you!Thank you so much for supporting this little space of mine!
Till tomorrow! Photobucket

3 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures (Last week I mean)

  1. Laughing so hard at the measuring spoon picture – my old roommates and I used to do stuff like that! :)And that sushi looks SO delicious!Yay for training being over and for almost being at 100 followers!xo


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