Sometimes and Always #2

Sometimes:  I make a list of everything I need to do when I get home from work.
Always:  I end up sitting on the couch and do nothing at all.

Sometimes: I tell myself I’m going to give up soda.
Always:  I buy a bottled/fountain Dr. Pepper whenever I get the chance.

Sometimes:  I set my alarm for at least an hour and half before I have to leave for work.
Always: I hit snooze at least twice, but somehow make it to work on time everyday.

Sometimes: I think about what it would be like if I lived alone. 
Always: I love having roommates and know I would get UBER lonely.  

Sometimes: I think reality shows like Jersey Shore, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and pretty much all others (except for The Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars, those I love) are really stupid.
Always: I end up watching them when nothing else is on TV.

Sometimes: I get homesick.
Always: I go out and do something that reminds why I love living in Florida!Like this:

St. Augustine, FL! 

Till tomorrow,

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