KONY 2012

So I was going to take a blogging break today.Didn’t really have anything super exciting or interesting to talk about.
That is until I got home, took a little nap, made a BLT and sat in front of my computer.
I was checking Facebook/checking out my daily blog reads and I noticed a trend.
KONY 2012
Lots of my friends are sharing the Kony 2012 link on Facebook and a few of y’all have posted the video on your blogs.So I watched the video.
And let me tell you……
I have never been more moved.
I’m posting the video and strongly encourage all of my lovely followers to take just 30 minutes to do the same.  

Then go check out their website here.
This is where you can make a small donation, buy the action kit or the bracelet, or just learn a little bit more about the project.
You won’t regret watching the video.I promise. 🙂 Photobucket

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