Picture a Day (Week 10)

Well it’s been a rainy and dreary Sunday for all of us here in Florida.And by what I’ve seen on Facebook, it’s been like that pretty much all over the place!
I have spent a lovely, lazy, Sunday on my couch and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
So yesterday I had a few errands to run around Orlando.
My best friend is getting married next weekend and I had to pick up a few things for her bachelorette party!I asked a few of my friends from work if they knew were I could get a few things.They suggested a place called Fairvilla.I called up the roommates and they met me there.Boy were we in for a surprise.
Fairvilla is an all out sex shop.Complete with everything you’d think a sex shop would have.And since this blog is pretty much PG, I won’t go into any detail.  But you can use your imagination as to what all this particular shop might sell.I was pretty grossed out the entire time we were in there.Especially when we saw this old man purchasing some particularly detailed magazines.Blegh.
Anyway they had a lovely selection of bachelorette goodies. And since this particular best friend reads my little ol’ blog daily, I can’t tell ya all I bought.She’s gonna love everything though!  ; )
When I do a wedding recap post you’ll see the goodies

Alrighty now onto the 10th week of my Picture a Day project.

3/5/12:  Watched Night at the Muesum: Battle of the Smithsonian. This happens to be a favorite of mine and a group of my best friends.  It was one of the first movies we saw as roommates.  And to this day we still quote it.  Especially the lines from from this guy:  Kahmunrah (Hank Azaria).  If you’ve never seen it he’s the bad guy with the most hilarious voice in the world. 

3/6/12: Found out that I am a writer of religious non-fiction.  I haven’t read my own work but apparently I’m a bestseller! 🙂

3/7/12:  Sushi, dessert at Ghirardelli, and The Tudors makes for a very pleasant evening.  I’ve seen this show about a thousand times and it just gets better and better.

3/8/12:  Cast karaoke event at Epcot. I didn’t sing (didn’t want to break any glass) but it was fun listening to others make fools of themselves.
  The International Flower and Garden Festival has begun! 
Guests are greets by scenes and sounds from Fantasia this year.

3/9/12:  Spent the night in Downtown Orlando.  Dinner at Urban Flats where I enjoyed a turkey, pear, and brie flatbread drizzled with honey mustard sauce.  It was heavenly.  Then we finished up the night with a hilarious improv show at SAK Comedy Club. 

3/10/12:  2012 Bowl-a-thon!  I joined a few of my fellow YES Facilitators for 2 fun filled hours of bowling!  Every year Disney VoluntEARs participate in the Bowl-a-thon to help raise money for the Junior Achievement of Central Florida. They host programs for students that show them the link between what their learning in their classrooms and the real world.
3/11/12:  A few things about this picture.  1. This is the veiw from my balcony and when I look out, I feel like I live in the woods.  2. You can’t really tell but it’s been raining ALL DAY.  Thank goodness Once Upon a Time and GCB are on tonight.  
And with that I leave you to begin preparing a lovely dinner (for one) and get ready to watch the two best shows on TV!

3 thoughts on “Picture a Day (Week 10)

  1. I had fun shopping for my friends bachelorette party but the place I went wasn't as graphic as the place you went sounds! And that old guy, yuck!Yum, you have Ghirardelli there? I love that place!


  2. So…I just celebrated a weekend long bachelorette party for my sis-in-law, you can read it on my blog. Lemme know if you need any tips…cuz I'm full of knowledge now! Haha! Saturday was dreary for us so it made for the most perfect day to catch up on rest! Happy Monday! 🙂


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