A Birthday and Smell the Roses!

On this fine Monday, one of my very best friends is celebrating her 24th birthday!
Happy Birthday Monica!
I wish I could be with you to celebrate your day!But you have lots of happy birthday wishes coming your way from Florida.
I miss you lots!

So one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica over at Lovely Little Things,  hosts a weekly link up called Smell the Roses.  

Lovely Little Things

Basically she gives everyone a little task that makes you stop and appreciate all the little things and/or the wonderful people in your life.  And ever since she started the link up I have told myself I was going to participate.But either I would forget or put it off.
Well this week her Smell the Roses task was to thank 3 people who have had a positive impact on your life.
This was the week I FOR SURE wanted to participate in.And I am happy to say I did it! 🙂
Thing is when I sat down to think of 3, I just couldn’t narrow it down.So I chose 5 instead!  
Each of the girls I chose have all been roommates of mine (save for one) and I know my life would not have been the same without any of them.
I wrote each an individualized note (using my adorable new note cards) and sent them off in the mail.(Save for Suzanne because she is my currant roommate and Ashley because I’m seeing her the day after tomorrow for her wedding!)


Thanks Jessica for creating such a great link up! 🙂  If you haven’t visited Jessica’s blog, I suggested you do that now!She’s super fun and so is her blog.
Now go Smell the Roses.Photobucket

5 thoughts on “A Birthday and Smell the Roses!

  1. Your note cards are too cute! I can't pick a favorite! I get together once a month with a group of girls-all of us have lived with each other at one point in time or another. There is just something about living with someone that bonds you for life (usually-haha)! 🙂


  2. I have those adorable note cards! Target is the best!! Guess it must be a Norris thing since we both got them 😉 😉 So sweet of you, too to send them to 5 girls!!


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