Remember Me?

Hello there!

Remember me?I’m the owner and operator of this here blog.I know, I know its been like two weeks since I’ve posted.
Weddings, sickness, and getting back to my normal routine has gotten in the way.But I’m back and ready to blog my booty off! 
Lemme just update you lovelies on my life the last two weeks!
1.  My best friend got married!It was beautiful, romantic, sweet, and just wonderful.Unfortunately I only got pictures until the ceremony.The reception was so fun I completely forgot to keep taking pictures!
But the official pictures are ready and they are GORGEOUS! 🙂
1. Bachelorette dinner.

2. Getting manis/pedis.
3.The wedding party at the rehearsal dinner.
4.The girls
And here are a few in the hotel room before the ceremony!
5. These next few pictures are why we are best friends! 

6. Just missing the dresses!
7. This was one of her first pictures! 
Ashley looked amazing!
8. Who knew my little ol Canon could take a shot like that! 🙂
9. Ready to go!
10. Besties!
11. Maid of Honor duty at it’s finest! 
12. Jenny’s next! 🙂
14. One of the only ceremony pictures that was snapped.
15. Only picture of the reception, first dance.

Everyone had a blast.My Maid of Honor speech was a big hit! Oh and right after the MOH and Best Man speeches, Ashley totally and completely surprised me by having the entire room sing Happy Birthday to me!I mean how sweet is that!It was her day and yet she took the time to make me feel just a little special.Now that is a good best friend! 🙂
Again the whole wedding was a huge hit.I know everyone had a blast!

2. I turned 24 years old! Weird!I had someone ask me how old I was the other day and I gotta admit, it felt pretty strange saying 24.Best part of the day was getting to spend it at home!My mom invited my cousins, my aunt and uncle, and some friends over for dinner.Then later that night my grandmother came into town.When I got home my wonderful roommates took me out for a birthday tea at the Grand Floridian!

3.  I went to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games.(sidenote: I think I’m done with midnight premiers.  I was exhausted the next day and annoyed with all the crazies in the theatre).I loved the books and thought the movie was pretty good.From the Harry Potter movies, I’ve learned to NEVER have high expectations for movie adaptations to books.They are never as good.I was happy with some things and disappointed with others.Overall though, not to shabby.

4. Alright, I’ve been waiting to share this last item with y’all!Ready?I GOT AN IPHONE!  :)Yes, I have joined the IPhone family and am absolutely LOVING every minute of it!Draw Something, Words with Friends, Hey Tell…LOVE LOVE LOVE! 🙂

Yes, it has been a pretty exciting two weeks! But I’ve missed blogging.So I’m glad to be back!
Hope you all had a great Monday!

7 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. OH OH I REMEMBER YOUUU ;)Looks like you have had a ton of super awesome stuff going on, girl! I thought about you this weekend because I was in Orlando celebrating my BFF's 21st!Anyway – you all look gorgeous in the wedding pictures…love them!And welcome to the iPhone club ;)xo


  2. Wow, definitely an awesome friend to have everyone sing happy birthday. Those little selfless acts always mean so much.And beware, although I'm sure you're already aware, Draw Something is crazy addicting.


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