My Weekend in a Eggshell (Thank you Easter!)

Hi pretties!

I don’t know about y’all but I had a great weekend!
My cousin Holly came into town and I got to show her why I love Disney and Florida so much.She had never been to Disney before so it was fun showing it off to her.

We spent Easter at Epcot.They had Easter egg hunts and picture with the Easter bunny and his missus.We didn’t do that but we did take other cute pictures.  

So a couple of other random things from the weekend/Monday:
1. They’re painting my apartment complex and they finally are doing my building.I have to say…it looks AMAZING!  Much more Floridian now! 🙂


2.  Suzanne and I have decided to start working out at least 3 times a week.We started yesterday with some stretching, an ab workout I found on my IPhone and then a 20 minute walk/run on the treadmill.  We’re starting small and will be adding new things to the workout each week.We will see how long this actually lasts because I am the WORST at sticking with a workout schedule!
I should be completely embarrassed to be posting this picture.But I’m not! :)And yes that is sweat on my forehead.

Here’s Suz post-workout.

3. I am going on a CRUISE!!!!!! 
I am beyond excited.  I’ve never been on one, so I am gonna need some help hints on how to make this the best vacation EVER!(Actually this is my first real vacation in a super long time.)Going on the cruise is me, my roommate Suz, her sister Valerie, and our friend Kelly.It’s a 5 day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas!We will be cruising from May 12-17.
Again any helpful hints in what to bring, what to expect, etc…would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you’ve all had a great Tuesday! 🙂 Photobucket

4 thoughts on “My Weekend in a Eggshell (Thank you Easter!)

  1. oh my gosh…LUCKY GIRL! a cruise sounds like so much fun!!! I have never been on one so I can't tell you what you'll need except for two things: a bikini and some sun block (: oh and probably a pretty dress for those fancy parties they have at night!


  2. Oh my gosh!! If you haven't noticed, cruising is my absolute favorite way to vacation ever!! You are going to have so much fun! You're also probably going to eat A LOT so bring some pants with an elastic band for your trip back home.


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