Mexican Easter Fiesta

Thursday is here already! Oh how time flies when you’re having fun!Or when you have something to look forward to.Which I do! 🙂
So I told y’all that I spent Easter Sunday at Epcot.I really wish I had gone to church, but I haven’t found a church here in Orlando as of yet.Which is actually kind of sad because I’ve almost been here a year.And I’d really like to start going to church again, especially since I usually have Sundays off now.But I digress.I didn’t tell you what we did Sunday night.
My friends and I got together for a Mexican Easter Fiesta!
We had chips with salsa and guacamole.My friend Jordan made chicken enchiladas.And I made a recipe that my Mom makes all the time.
It’s called Spanish Rice Casserole.And I’ve decided to share the recipe with y’all because it’s super easy and yummy.
So here’s what you need:
1 pound hamburger1 bell pepper1 onion1 can of chopped tomatoes1 can of green chili*if you’re grocery store doesn’t have canned green chili, just grab 1 can of Rotel (it can be mild or hot, whichever you prefer).  It has both chopped tomatoes and green chili!  This is what I had to use because apparently Florida doesn’t sell canned green chili.  1 and half cups of rice1 and half cups of cheese (or more if you love cheese!)
And here’s what you do:
1. Cook rice according to the directions on the package2. Preheat oven to 350 3. Brown the hamburger4. Chop and sauté onion and bell pepper (You’ll probably only need to use half the onion)5. Add the two together (Or you can brown and sauté at the same time, that’s what I did)6. Drain the grease from the hamburger and the onion and bell pepper.7. Add the tomatoes and green chili (Or the Rotel)8. Mix everything together in a casserole dish9. Sprinkle cheese over the top of the dish. 10. Bake for 30 minutes at 350.
Now I failed a little in the taking pictures of what we’re cooking if we’re planning on posting it on the blog department.But I did snap two pictures of the finished products for Instagram!

The Chicken Enchiladas are in the silver pans and my Spanish Rice Casserole is in the clear dish! 

It came out super yummy (though not as good as my momma’s. But let’s be real, when does that ever happen?!) .I did get a few compliments on it though! 
We finished up the night by watching not just one but TWO brand new episodes of GCB.
Well there ya have it.Our Mexican Easter Fiesta was a big success! 
Have a great Thursday!  Photobucket

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