If You Really Knew Me

The last couple of weeks, this post has been floating around the blog world.
So I thought I’d join in on the fun.

…you’d know that I am a huge TV junkie.  
…you’d know I love nail polish and change/buy it frequently.
…you’d know that I know Spanish.  
…you’d know the movies are my favorite place to go.
…you’d know I quote movies like its my job.
…you’d know I love classic movies.
…you’d know I was cheerleader/dancer all through middle and high school.
…you’d know I collect pins based on the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty.
…you’d know I’ve never been in love.
…you’d know I’m allergic to cats but still love them dearly.
…you’d know I’m obsessed with Harry Potter.
…you’d know I’m a HUGE book worm.
…you’d know my biggest regret from college is never studying abroad.
…you’d know I wish I was British.
…you’d know I always say I was born in the wrong era.
…you’d know I was a brunette for about 6 months in 2008.
…you’d know Dr. Pepper is my crack.
…you’d know I never leave the house without mascara on.
…you’d know I have a potty mouth.  You can thank my mother, she does too. Big time!
…you’d know I have like 8 best friends.  Each of whom are very near and dear to my heart and whom I would do just about anything for.

Well that was fun.  Did you learn anything new about me?
Have a great Tuesday! 🙂  I’m off to have an old fashion sleep over at one of said best friend’s house.Till tomorrow.

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