I’m a Foster Mom!!!

My life encountered another HUGE change on Wednesday night y’all!Yep, you read right.  I became a foster mom.To this sweet little PUPPY!

This was a completely spontaneous and unexpected thing.See my friend Jordan had decided she wanted foster a dog to see if she was ready to adopt a little dog of her own.A few of our friends had found rescue dogs through the Florida Little Dog Rescue.(click to read more about them)  Basically they take in dogs from all over Florida who end of in shelters (some of them kill shelters), get them healthy and then find good homes for them.They are a non-profit organization and don’t receive any help from the government.They are really doing a great thing!And if you’re interested in adopting a rescue dogs they have some great ones! Anyway, Jordan asked me to come along with her to pick up her new pup.Off we went.

When we got to house we were greeted by a ton of dogs.They brought out Jordan’s, an 8 year old yorkie named Augusta (she may or may have renamed her Gretchen).While she was showing us around, that cute little face in the picture caught my eye.He was at the back of the group trying his very hardest to get to me but just couldn’t seem to do it.After about 5 minutes he made it to me and I was hooked.

To make a long story short, Jordan convinced me to become a foster mom to this cute little guy.His name was Sherlock but I changed it to Beau (whoops!).I was given everything I needed for Beau.A crate, a leash and colar, food bowels, and fea medicine.All I had to buy was food (and of course I bought some toys, treats, and a bed).He is just the sweetest puppy ever! I’m trying my very best to not get attached but boy is it hard!He’s about 2 years old and is pretty well potty trained.(Save for 2 little accidents, one of which made me so mad because we had just spent 20 minutes outside and he didn’t go!)I also had to show him how to go up and down the stairs.Now he’s a pro!

It’s defiantly a HUGE responsibility. Luckily my roommates have taken him out while I’m gone and played with him and taken him out.Did I mention this is my first dog?Yeah, we had cats growing up.So I find myself worrying over every little thing he does or doesn’t do.Y’all will be seeing a lot of him around the blog!At least until he gets adopted.

 Isn’t he just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.
I think so.
But then he is my baby!
Have a great Labor Day!!
I however will be laboring today, and getting holiday pay while I do it!


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