Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I wish I was still in school because the first day of school is the best.Always:  I’m glad I don’t have homework anymore.

Sometimes: I’m jealous of my teacher friends and all their teacher fun and even their stress!Always:  I’m still jealous but my job at Disney makes it better.

Sometimes: I get mad when Beau has little accidents in the apartment.Always: I remember he’s a rescue pup who’s never had a real owner and he’s still learning.

Sometimes: I shop online.Always: I NEVER buy anything cuz I’m scared the clothes won’t fit.(And I forget that I can always send it back.)(This is my favorite site to browse!)

Sometimes:  Time seems like it’s flying by.Always: It is.  It’s SEPTEMBER PEOPLE! 

Sometimes: I make a list of things I need to get done on my 2 days off.Always:  I use one of the to do absolutely nothing at all.Like today! 
Have a great Tuesday!Photobucket

19 thoughts on “Sometimes and Always

  1. You've inspired me to do this link up next week 🙂 I think it is the most amazing thing that you love your job and after finally finding a job I like I realize you get the most amazing feeling when you love your job. I think everything happens for a reason and if you love working for Disney then not finding a teaching job right away was definitely the right decision for you. 🙂


  2. I loved your whole entire blog. It was so so cute! I agree with all of it the exact same way minus the bed part because I always make our bed every morning 🙂 & congrats on reaching 100 followers I will be a happy girl the day that happens for me but I still have a little while to wait seeing that I only have 42 😦


  3. I often visit those stores too – but I leave with an empty wallet because unfortunately Canada doesn't have target. Absurd right? Congrats on your 100 followers – I just reached 100 as well. As for GFC from what I understand all your current followers will stay as is. This just means that potential new followers that aren't a blogger blogger won't be able to follow using GFC. But if you have twitter, facebook, or bloglovin', a feed? Those peeps should be able to follow you. So don't worry too much – all your hard work shouldn't affected.


  4. I totally feel you on the not eating out and then giving in…lol so me and Matt! We have gotten way better about it though 🙂 And gotta love Target!!


  5. I too miss the excitedment of the first day of school but never, ever miss the homework! And time really is going by so fast, where did summer go?I've nominated you on my blog as a must see blog with under 200 followers! Feel free to check it out over at!Colleen


  6. I am so glad you know what I am talking about when I refer to the \”Miss Miss\” thing!! Im pretty jealous of your job at Disney most of the time too!! I AM OBSESSED WITH RUCHE. xo


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