High 5 For Friday!

Hi friends!
Happy Friday!  I hope y’all had a great Christmas week!Mine was great and super busy.
But rather than just tell you about it, let me show you through my top 5 moments from the week!

1.  Christmas day was crazy! I worked in the morning. (Magic Kingdom closed to capacity, so we got to deal with all the confused guests who don’t realize that even Disney World has fire marshall laws that we have to follow.  But the end of the day was the best because I got to have Christmas with my wonderful family!Thank you technology!

2. I had my very first IRL meeting with a fellow blogger!Y’all, Meg is just the sweetest EVER! Her family is too!Jessica, you’re next girlie!

3.  Christmas Eve was spent trying to break into my own car after locking the keys inside.We are so thug.

4. & 5. Two movies from my holiday movie list were taken off the list!Les Miserables and Django Unchained.Expect movie reviews on both sometime next week!They were both AH-MAZING!
PhotobucketSee told ya I had a crazy fun Christmas!Have a great weekend!Photobucket

10 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. I'm seeing Snow White and the Huntsman, too! It looks pretty good! Charlize is so beautiful and looks super creepy. And Then there's my future husband, Chris Hemsworth – yum! I agree, I'm not a huge K-Stew fan, but I'm hoping for the best. Have a good weekend!-Frances @ Keynotes


  2. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)http://infinitelifefitness.comhttp://mscomposure.blogspot.com


  3. How fun that you got to meet Meg! Isn't she the best?! Lucky for me, we live close to each other, so I can hang out with her. 🙂 But I AM jealous that you'll get to meet my blog little sister, Jess!Glad to see that Skype saved the day for you and your family as well. I don't know what I'd do without it!Have a fun and safe NY weekend!


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