We’re Going to Disney World!

Welcome to part one of my Disney How To series!Every Tuesday I’m going to share different ways to make the most of your Disney Vacation.The series will cover everything from the individual parks to some hidden Disney treasures that most people don’t know about! So to get things started I’m going to give you the best “what to do” right after you’ve decided that you are going to DISNEY WORLD!But first here’s a Disney commercial that will get you excited and may make you tear up just a tad.(At least that’s what it did to me!)
Ok so the first thing you should do is RESEARCH!You wouldn’t believe how many people who come to Disney have no idea what each park has to offer.Friends, there are a TON of difference resources you can use to explore Disney from your home.The best is going to be the Disney Website.This site will give you everything you need to know including:-Resort details-Park details (maps, times guides, restaurants)-Dining options-Ticket options-Special Events-Disney packagesAnd you can even book your vacation online, if you feel comfortable that is.*My opinion: I would call  407-WDW-DISNEY.  This will get you in contact with a Disney Cast Member who’s job is to help you decide which vacation options are best for you.Because trust me people, planning a Disney vacation can get super overwhelming, so it does help to talk to someone who knows the ropes.  It’s still a good idea to do some research before you call though, just so you have at least a basic idea one what you and your family might want to do.There are other websites you can use but keep in mind that they are not official sites run by the Disney company so their information may not always be up to date.Here are some books you can also check out that have some pretty good tips:Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World 2013The Unofficial Guide: Walt Disney World 2013Fodor’s Walt DisneyWorld 2013I cannot stress enough how important it is to actually research Disney before you come. You’re vacation will go so much more smoothly if you just Google Disney World or head to Barnes and Noble, grab a few books on Disney and some Starbucks then start reading!Trust me. You, your family, and all us Disney Cast Members will be thankful you did!

3 thoughts on “We’re Going to Disney World!

  1. This series is great… I totally second your recommendation for planning… my family was a little fly by the seat of our pants… thank goodness we had a Disney angel!


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