And the Golden Globe Goes To

Sunday marks the start of my favorite season!That’s right ladies, awards season is upon us.  We kick things off with a celebration of both film and television with The Golden Globes!This year the hosts are two of the funniest women in TV :

Amy Poehler and Tine Fey!Just to give you a taste of what we can expect from these two, here’s a clip I found on Youtube.
Yeah, they are gonna rock as hosts.   I think the best part of the Golden Globes is that all the stars get to mix and mingle.So when they go to commercial breaks they’re all running to each others tables to say hi and you know catch up. Then when the show is back you have them all scrambling back to their seats.Plus, you never know what will happen.Also, Leo is nominated for Best Supporting Act this year so we’ll get to see this gorgeous face the entire night:

(And you’d better enjoy watching him at the Golden Globes, because he was not nominated for an Oscar.  Blasphemous if you ask me!)This year I’ve seen more than half the movies that are nominated for awards. So I’m excited to see which of my favorites come out as winners.  And luckily, I’m off work early that day so I get to enjoy every single minute of the show.  From the red carpet to the very last award presented!  Woo Hoo! Awards Season is the BEST!Till tomorrow, friends.:)

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