The One Where I Tried to Be a Legit Blogger

I’ve been MIA the last week.  But I have a good reason I promise!

So last Wednesday I was laying in bed early in the morning.  I had my cup of coffee and had snuggled back in bed to write up my Disney How To post for the week.  As I’m typing up my post I get the bright idea to change my URL.  

(Earlier in the week I had read a post about blog stalking and that it’s probably not a good idea to use your whole name in your URL, Twitter, etc.  Well as you can plainly see I do just that.  Specifically in my URL.)

Anyway, while I’m laying there I remembered that post.  So I decided to go in and change my URL to  I head over to the Settings page to do just that when I see….
“add your own custom domain”
Light bulb!  
I need my own domain.  It’s only $10, it’ll keep people from knowing my full name and trying to stalk me (cuz hopefully no one will remember my last name.  Yeah right!), it’s only $10, it’ll make me a more legit blogger, oh yeah and it’s only $10!   Ok I’ll be honest, mostly I wanted to buy it because I thought it would make me a legitimate blogger.  Epic Fail on that one.
So I go for it. I bought my own domain.  I was so excited! was ALL MINE!

I thought it would be super simple (like Blogger makes it sound) and that my domain would be ready to go in about 3 days.  So I thought I would take a tiny break until it started redirecting properly.

Little did I know that not only changing my blogspot URL AND adding my own custom domain would make it seem like I had deleted my blog.  Again….epic fail.

I got emails, tweets, and text messages asking if I had deleted my blog.  Which obviously sent me into panic mode.  I was terrified that my blog was donezo and that I would never get it back.

So of course I asked Jessica (from Lovely Little Things) for advice.  Thank goodness for blogger friends! And she gave me some great advice.  Unfortunately,  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to fix it.  What did work however was deleting my custom domain and going back to my original URL.

Its been 2 days since I changed it back and I still have no idea how to fix it.  SO…if any of you lovely fellow bloggers know how the heck I can get my domain linked to my blog, I would greatly appreciate any assistance and/or advice you may have on how I can do so.

I saw this on Pinterest and felt it was appropriate for the post, considering my attempt to be a legit blogger.

Hopefully it works out better on my next time! 🙂

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